Mon-Sat 9.00am-6.00pm

Sun 10.30am – 4:30pm


133A Bond Street


01245 267006


Sweaty Betty is a global activewear and lifestyle brand for women.

They’re also a community that believes fitness is a flip-the-switch trigger for becoming the woman you want to be. Leggings and sports bras won’t change the world on their own. But with a grab-my-hand, let’s-go-for-it-now spirit, the women who wear them can.

Since Sweaty Betty’s founder Tamara got us moving in 1998, they’ve stood and run for both performance and style.

Just take Sweaty Betty’s Power Leggings – with technical fabric that sculpts and shaves time off your PB. Every 60 seconds, a woman buys herself a pair. That’s exactly the kind of HIIT interval Sweaty Betty like.

Sweaty Betty’s on-the-go community treats every day like it’s made for moving, and they’re always pushing to do better too. Like crafting clothes from responsibly sourced materials and recycled bottles; caring for both your body and the planet.