07 Feb


The Language of Love with Hotel Chocolat

The language of love. We have long known that love comes in many forms; in ancient times we had words for each of them. This Valentine’s Day, we’re reimagining this long-forgotten language of love to celebrate all the ways we still adore the people around us.

When you can’t put it into words, Hotel Chocolat are here to take care of it for you… 

From boxed chocolates to luxury gifts and even giant chocolate slabs, Hotel Chocolat have something for everyone with Valentine’s Day.

Grand Gesture 

Dramatic showcase of taste and texture, brimming with our finest pralines, caramels and truffles – and that’s just the first layer. You cannot get more awe-inspiring than 1.5kg of some of our best recipes. An unforgettable gift or a way to share dessert.

Chocolatiers Table

Epic and unadulterated, this show-stopping collection makes a fantastic party centrepiece, an unforgettable gift or a way to share a dessert.

Champagne truffles
Walk past our factory and you’ll hear Champagne corks popping. We use real Champagne in every truffle. Other chocolate makers use Marc de Champagne, a fiery spirit made from grape skins and stalks. Authenticity always tastes better. Choose from classic or pink with a reusable tin, making a perfect gift.


With Love H-Box

Designed with love, crafted with care – The With Love H-box adds an extra element of romance to the room. How could it not – it was love at first sight when we first laid our eyes upon this H-box. 14 irresistible heart-shaped chocolate caramels, fruits, tipples, and pralines.

The Everything Sleekster

27 iconic chocolates, handpicked by you. This star-studded milk, dark and white chocolate gift box collection houses our top-selling chocolates, ever.