16 Nov

The Bond Street Edit

Giggling Squid Arrives At Bond Street Chelmsford

Are you ready to experience plentiful dishes, bold flavours and exotic ingredients? Well, we have you covered. Giggling Squid officially opened their doors at Bond Street Chelmsford on 15th November, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Giggling Squid is all about food with personality, cooked with expertise and shared with Thai generosity. It started in 2002 from a determination to do things differently. Back then, what was missing from the food scene was that true Thai feel – energetic, informal, adventurous, and truly welcoming. Giggling Squid believe food is to be celebrated and that you don’t have to dress up to enjoy it. Relaxed, no standing on ceremony – it’s about having a good time over something tasty.

Giggling Squid now have a few more restaurants under their belt but the important aspects haven’t changed since they started. They’re still as hungry as ever to give their guests a truly memorable experience, leaving full and happy. It’s all the incredible people, from skilled chefs to welcoming front of house staff, and their shared generosity of spirit that lies behind every guest experience.

On Friday 12th November, Giggling Squid hosted an exclusive VIP launch party at Bond Street, in which several creators and influencers celebrated together in the Thai spirit. Guests were greeted by the famous Giggling Squid tuk-tuk, which transported them to and from the venue. Not only was the evening full of incredible drinks, canapés and conversations, guests were also greeted by a dragon sculpture made out of exotic vegetables by a Giggling Squid chef. Throughout the evening, they watched upon incredible performances by Thai dancers, and were joined by Lizzie Owen and her stunning illustrations.

Giggling Squid is now officially open at 109-111 Bond Street. Find out more about their opening times here.